The Design Process

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step......



Why chose an ASID Certified Interior Designer?

  • An ASID Designer has the proper training to see a project done to completion.
  • An ASID Designer is aware of health and safety issues that may affect your family.
  • An ASID Designer takes continuing education classes that keep them in touch with new design trends and resources.
  • An ASID Designer is committed to a standard of ethics that protect the client.


1. Call us to discuss your Project: The Consultation

During the initial consultation, your needs and the scope of your project are determined. Magazine clippings that you have saved, photos, and an inventory of existing furnishings are all helpful to uncover your style and needs.


2.  The Agreement

We determine the parameters of your project.  An agreement is developed that will clarify the services we provide. The financial terms are clearly stated in the agreement. 


3. Design Concept

Based upon what is uncovered about your likes, lifestyle, architecture, budget and existing furnishings.  This information, will now allow the design concept to be developed. The Design Team will now do the major part of their work at this stage. Space plans are developed. Furnishings, fabrics, and finishes are selected and compiled for your presentation.

4. The Presentation

At your presentation, you will be presented with visual aids such as design boards, photographs, floor plans, samples of finishes and fabrics, and whatever we can do to help you "see" your concept and understand the project completely.  Any changes to your design that are necessary will be made at this time so that you will be completely comfortable in giving your approval to move forward. 


5. Implementation & Installation

Upon your approval of the design, we will oversee the ordering, receiving, and installation of your project to a successful finish with the utmost attention to the details that make all the difference.


Let the journey begin...

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