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Hello, I’m Lela Williams and Welcome to Design Time with Lela & Company. I’m glad you’ve joined us, this afternoon.  Here today with me is my one of our staff designers, Carly Craig.


We are from Lela Williams & Associates Interior Design and we are becoming the design firm of choice for even the most discerning Clientele.  Our mission is to provide functional elegance through unique design, exceeding Client’s expectations.



Carly: Hello everyone, I’m Carly Craig and our topic of conversation today is the pre-construction Finish Selection Process. Are you presently working with a custom builder or planning to build your own home in the future?  If so, today’s show is going to be both exciting and enlighten you. Lela, where do we begin?


Ok Carly Let me start with a little story. One day a woman happened into our studio on Lake Ave.  She was visibly distraught.  She was a wreck. We asked if we could help her and she began to weave a story that you would not believe. She had been to Bradenton 3 months ago to select cabinets for her 10,000 sq. ft. home. Now without her cabinets in hand, she had to go to a tile place to select all of the ceramic tile and stone for her home. Her anxiety had manifested into physical symptoms. It is a lot of responsibility selecting finishes for a large home and it is stressful, but it does not have to get to this point. 


The coincidence that she wound up in our shop was uncanny, because what this woman needed was exactly what we do! It is not necessary for any of you building a new home to experience this type of stress. During the pre-construction finish selection process, the homeowner must select all of the home’s finishes from cabinets and tile to fixtures and paint.


We have developed a system that simplifies this selection process for the homeowner and the builder. You or your builder may hire one of our designers to walk you through the selection process. When a builder hires us to assist you – you will come to our beautiful studio at your convenience where you can relax in an elegant environment. You are in an atmosphere that inspires you to create. We are a full-service design studio where the selections are virtually endless. 


We are given budgets that you and your builder have predetermined, and then we can guide you to the right selections that are going to help you to achieve the look that you are after in your new home. You are able to see all of your selections together and will not have to run all over town and perhaps make disconnected selections.


Carly:  In this Florida heat, you just might pick anything just to end the process. We are talking about Pre-Construction Finish Selection Process. If you have something to add or a design challenge, Lela Williams and Associates will make this as easy as possible for you. 


Lela: We have a caller. Judy is on the line. Hi Judy, How are you?


Judy: Hi, I’m afraid that I am a regular now. I heard you talking about me last.


Lela: Yes, we did use your situation as an inspiration for last’s week show on the elements of design.


Judy: I can relate to this show because when I had my house built 6 years ago, I had my car full of cabinets & tile. It consumed my life for about a year! At the time, I never would have thought about having a designer help me with it. I was miserable and I did everything in beige. I wish I had made different choices.


Lela: It is very common thing what you went through. Many builders have design centers, but they really cannot accommodate all of the products that you could select from when building a custom home. That’s why they will send you to different specialty showrooms to make your selections.  You could have done it all at one place with us. Thanks Judy, nice to hear from you as always.


Carly:  We have another caller. John is with us.


Lela: Hello John.


John:  Hi Lela, I was channel surfing last week and caught your show. I’m surprised that I got on today. I am a contractor at the beach and I am wondering can you do this with people like me who are building new condominiums?


Lela: Hold that thought John, when we come back, I would like to answer that question for you and talk about the benefits of our service to builders.


Carly: We are back to Design Time with Lela Williams & Co.


Lela: Hello John, Are you still there? The answer to your question is yes. John, we do color selection sessions for multiple unit properties. In fact, offering your clients a selection session with an ASID designer is a great perk to offer your clients. A great selling tool for you. You don’t have to make appointments – we do them for you.


The client is more committed to their selections with validation of a professional designer. We finalize all of the homeowner selections which are ready to go to the field. This can really help to keep you on or ahead of schedule. Our service can really give you an edge in this competitive market.


Carly: John please stay on the line and I will get all of your information a get a packet out to you. I’m looking forward to meeting you. John, thank you. Callers, we are here at News talk AM 1040 to take your calls. 


Lela: Carly would you like to take the next call?


Carly:  We have Chris on the line. Hello Chris what can you add to this?


Chris: I am building a house and my builder wants me to pick everything from his design center. Do I have to stay within his selections?


Carly:  It depends, if your builder is offering packages as a condition of the sale; you may have to work within those selection packages. However, if you simply have budget numbers for all of your finish selections, and your builder is not offering you the services of an interior designer, it would be wise to hire your own designer. Do you know any good ones Chris? Remember, an accredited designer is trained to read the client’s taste. The builder is trained to build homes.  If we give him concise selections for cabinets, doors, paint, molding, he can make it happen for us by giving you a beautiful finished product.    

Thank you Chris.      



I am Lela Williams and you can reach me during the week at 727 585-2803. Thank you joining us!

Remember lives are forever changed with the interior that is not only beautiful but just right for you.    


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