Water Efficiency


  • In this location, a municipal recycled water system was available for outdoor irrigation.


  • The irrigation system was designed with head-to-head coverage (no overlapping) and with central cut-off valves 


  • The irrigation system was installed by an EPA Water Sense certified professional.


  • Drip irrigation is used over 50% of the landscaping.


  • Separate zones were created for each type of bedding depending on watering needs 


  • Pressure regulating devices and high efficiency nozzles were installed.


  • The irrigation system is more than 2 ft. from the house and the water does not hit the house.


  • Low-flow faucets, shower heads and toilets were installed throughout the house.  The low-flow will reduce demand for hot water and add to the energy efficiency as well as water usage. Contact us to learn more.

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