Sustainable Site

  • To minimize long-term environmental damage to the building lot during the renovation process, Montclair Builders stockpiled the disturbed topsoil in a protected area to redistribute later and controlled the paths and velocity of runoff water with silt fencing to protect the site from erosion.  The silt fencing also protects the on-site storm sewers from blocking.


  • To minimize how much of the building site was disturbed, the team developed a preservation plan with "no disturb" zones clearly delineated on drawings and on the lot itself.


  • More than 40% of the buildable lot area, not including areas under the roof, and not including hard scape areas such as driveways and pool decks, were left undisturbed.


  • The landscape was designed to avoid invasive plant species and minimize the need for excessive water and chemicals. This was accomplished by using less than 20% of drought resistant turf on the not under-roof areas, mulching around plants to reduce erosion and water loss, and by tilling all compacted soil down at least 6 inches to increase water absorption. Trees that were non-invasive and compatible with this climate zone were preserved.  These things also regulate the soil temperature and actually keep the yard cooler.


  • 90% of the plants used in the landscape design are drought proof to reduce water usage.


  • For non-toxic pest control, all wood is 12" above the soil, all external edges, cracks and joints were sealed or calked, and landscaping is put in so that when the plants mature they are 24" from the house. Contact us to learn more.

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