Innovation and Design Process

  • Here the builder/ Homeowner puts together a project team and targets the LEED award level they want to attain. One member of the team must be an accredited LEED professional. Lela Williams was hired to manage the action plan on this project. She handled the paperwork and ran regular meetings with the remodeling team.  The LEED professional needs to be brought on board from the inception of the project to maximize and integrate green strategies throughout the building design and the renovation process.


  • In this early design stage, plans to minimize the environmental impact on the home and maximize the home's durability have to be written out and submitted to the US Green Building Council (USGBC).  In this particular home, great lengths were taken to seal the building envelope from the humid climate and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.  Different climates have different considerations and the design team has to be knowledgeable about the regulations in the area.


  • A durability check list is made in the planning stage to address the unique issues for this building and present creative solutions that will assure its longevity.

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