Indoor Environmental Quality


  • All indoor air regulators are Energy Star rated.


          Exposure to indoors pollutants are reduced by controlled ventilation with outdoor air, especially in the kitchen and  



  • A dehumidifier included in the HVAC system was installed to keep the home at less than 60% humidity to reduce mold and to increase the general durability of the home.


  • Air filters with equal or more than MERV 8 (minimum efficiency reporting values) were installed and air filter housing was made air tight.


  • Air ducts were sealed off during construction to reduce indoor pollution.


  • Contaminate control was managed during and after construction with 4 ft. walk-off mats at each entry and a shoe removal station with a bench at the main entrance.


  • To prevent exposure to garage air pollutants, all penetration spots, ceiling joint bays, and connecting floors were sealed, the connecting door weather stripped and the garage walls are painted, as carbon monoxide will penetrate dry wall.


  • Carbon monoxide sensors are installed in all rooms adjacent to the garage.


  • A pH level water management system allows the homeowner to bypass chemical cleaning products and get excellent cleaning results from water alone that has been rendered high acidic.

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