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Help us spread the word about "Green" building and the beauty of environmentally sound renovations.

For minimal additional cost, you too can have a home or workplace that is more durable, energy efficient, and all around healthier for your family or co-workers.  Often times we think of green building as having a very contemporary or "California Organic" design.


A LEED certified home or building can have any design style as we see here in our classily European-designed Italian home.

Please call Lela Williams & Associates Interior Design, LLC at 727-585-2803 with any Green Design questions or comments.


  • For the homeowner and occupants, operations and maintenance manuals (binders) are assembled that contain the completed LEED check list, a copy of each signed accountability form (the form that the subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians sign as an affidavit that they followed the USGBC guidelines for their specific work), a copy of each LEED inspection, the product and installation manuals for all installed fixtures, appliances, HVAC systems, and any other equipment.  


  • The LEED professional also makes a binder with a collection of educational information. This information is about efficient use of water, energy and natural resources. There is information about cleaning products and cleaning tips with no harmful chemicals. Homeowners will also find water efficient landscaping and chemical-free fertilizers and pesticides, and information on how to select new things for their home that are environmentally sound such as lighting, new appliances, etc.


  • An extensive walkthrough is done with the family before they move in, which features identification of all equipment installed and a run through the binders so that they are familiar with them and are comfortable looking something up in them.


  • It is also important at the beginning, during and at the end of the project, to educate the public as much as possible. To this end, a sign was installed measuring 6 ft. square during the construction that displayed that this home was "Going Green" and furnished a phone number if anyone had any questions.


  • Another way to promote public awareness is to create these pages on our website. The USGBC encourages any public forum such as giving educational tours of the home or getting a newspaper story or press release and rewards the project with points towards certification.  

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